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Insulation Accessories

Used in various electrical and electronic devices in order to prevent current leakage, the Insulation Accessories help isolate sensitive electrical circuits from the effects of electricity. Each item is manufactured as per the norms of the industry and is in compliance with international quality standards. By subjecting each batch of items to extensive testing, customers receive products that are highly effective and perform as per expectations. Furthermore, the items are offered at industry leading prices owing to which customers receive the most value for their money.

  • Making use of insulation accessories can result in energy savings by obstructing the flow of electricity.

  • The accessories can be customized as per the requirement of each customer.

  • The products are capable of substantially reducing costs related to heating and cooling & are capable of reducing unwanted noise.

  • Insulation accessories can help prevent the build up of moisture and any related structural damage.

Crepe Paper
Crepe Paper
Crepe Paper is used for decoration purpose, streamers, as costume accessory, and as an insulating material for transformers which results in the increase of their life span. It is known to have excellent mechanical strength and high resistance from breakage. This paper is manufactured by a machine that has single steam heated cylinder which is fitted with a hot air wood. To achieve optimum properties, it is also treated with a good sizing agent.