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Pressboard Components

The range of Pressboard Components we offer have become sought after in the market for their exceptional mechanical and electrical properties. Widely used in the manufacture of high voltage transformers, the pressboards are made using the highest grade raw materials in the market. The boards boast high density, uniform thickness and high electrical strength. By making use of advanced manufacturing processes the highest standards are ensured and the products are custom tailored to the needs of each customer. The boards are offered at the most cost effective rates that offer the most value for their money.

  • The pressboards have low electrical conductivity, high chemical purity and are stable owing to which they are suitable for an array of applications.

  • The items are not susceptible to shrinkage and have a uniform thickness throughout.

  • The boards are manufactured using the finest quality softwood pulp without the use of any bleaching agents.

  • Compaction process take place under heat and pressure without the addition of bonding agents until desired properties are achieved.